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Community Events

Monthly Meeting: Let's Talk Real Estate

West Florida Real Estate Investors Assn.

Here's your chance to talk shop with other real estate investors, pitch properties and services and ask questions. Along with networking, we have an educational component for each meeting. Pick up a new trick, or maybe be reminded of an old...

The People of the Great Circle: Mound Builders of South Florida

Port Charlotte Archaeology Meetup

Member Series: Come celebrate the winter solstice with us. Ted Ehmann will preview his forthcoming book. Ehmann's research focuses on the beliefs, symbols, ritual and mythology that unified the Calusa and Mayaimi ( lake people ) for 25 centuries...

Archaic Tree Island Sites in the Northern Everglades

Port Charlotte Archaeology Meetup

Gulf Coast University professor, Dr. William Locascio will be the speaker at the January 17th meeting. His topic is “The Wedgworth Midden (8PB16175) Field School and Excavations.” The Wedgworth Midden (8PB16175) is an Archaic tree-island site...